Phantom Screens – Invisible for your Viewing Pleasure

Phantom retractable door screens are simple to operate, durable, and blend with any architectural style. Perfect for both new and existing homes, our custom design door screens offer the best of both worlds – uninterrupted views and natural ventilation combined with protection from insects and harsh glare of the sun. Legacy retractable door screens remain out of sight until you need them, providing better control and smooth operation.

KEY BENEFIT: Invisible until you need them

  • Fits all door types
  • Various mesh options
  • Optional anti slam system
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Easy operation with smooth closure
  • Glides smoothly along tracks


Style Width Height
Legacy Door Screen
(single unit)
Max 48″
Max 36″
78″ to 100″
100 1/8″ to 120″
Legacy Door Screen
(double unit)
Max 96″
Max 72″
78″ to 100″
100 1/8″ to 120″

*Maximum sizes are determined by the height and width ratio

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