Why You Should Get Motorized Blinds and Shades for Your Home

February 23, 2022
Young woman controlling motorized blinds with a remote. Wholesale Blind Factory

As a homeowner, you have the power to choose which window treatments and coverings you want for your home. But as a tech-savvy person, you don’t want to miss the chance to choose stylish but techy motorized blinds. 

Automatic blinds are becoming more popular these past few years. Mainly, because of the comfort they provide. But that is not all there is to them. They do all the functions normal window blinds provide, just with an added luxury, style, and ease of use.

But what do we know about motorized blinds and shades? Here is everything you should know about them and why it is an amazing idea to have them installed in your home. Let’s get started!

Types of motorized blinds

Motorized window coverings are blinds and shades operated with an electric motor then controlled with a smartphone or remote. It is more convenient and easy. You can raise, lower, or move from side to side with just a touch of a button. There are 2 main types of smart blinds available right now, namely smart tech-operated and remote control-operated.

Smart Tech-Operated

This type of automatic window blinds and shades are controlled via a smartphone app or a home hub. Many of these smart tech-operated blinds are compatible with Alexa and can also be controlled with your voice commands. 

Woman using a smart phone to control her motorized blinds in the living room. Wholesale Blind Factory

They are super convenient and can be easily customized depending on your taste and style. There are ways to make your custom blinds uniquely yours. You can program them to open up the blinds and shades in sync with the sunrise and close them when you are ready to sleep.

The downside of having smart tech-operated blinds and shades is that they are complicated to install. So, make sure you contact the right people and ask them for a quotation before buying your own smart window blinds and shades.

They are also more expensive than remote control-operated blinds and shades.

Remote Control-Operated

This type of blinds and shade is somewhat the same as smart tech-operated ones. The main difference is remote control-operated blinds do not provide the same customization level as the other type. They are motorized and can be controlled using a remote control.

Remote control-operated window blinds and shades are more affordable because they have less built-in technology with them.

Which type of blinds can be turned into motorized blinds?

Technically speaking, all of them. It will mostly depend on the provider or specialist you contact. You can schedule a consultation with Wholesale Blind Factory and have them check out your home or establishment. This way you will know if your current blinds can be converted to motorized blinds and how much they will cost.

There are also motorized blind kits available in the market. However, if you are not a handy person or do not have that much free time, it will be very difficult to install them. We highly recommend calling a professional in these cases.

Modern black and white living room interior with white sofas and motorized blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Common power sources for motorized blinds

Smart window coverings are commonly powered by rechargeable batteries or hardwired into your existing electricity.

Smart blinds powered by rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries don’t have to be charged that often. You can use them for a long time before they need to be recharged. If it is inconvenient for you to wait before the batteries are fully charged, you can buy spare ones as a backup. 

Hardwired smart blinds

This power source for your motorized window blinds needs to be connected to your home’s existing electricity line. It cannot be installed by just anyone, you need to call a professional to install them. Remember, do not install hardwired smart blinds yourself, call a professional instead.

Hardwired smart blinds are more complicated to install and more expensive. However, you won’t have to worry about charging and recharging your batteries just to operate your custom motorized shades and blinds.

Benefits of motorized blinds

All window coverings provide the same functions: improve your privacy, control the sunlight that enters your home, and add useful decor to the room. With motorized blinds, you will get added functionality with all the traditional benefits you get from traditional ones. Here are 7 benefits you can get from having your own motorized blinds and shades in your home:


All homeowners spend a lot of money making sure their homes are comfortable and more convenient to use. That is why many people install smart home devices such as garage door openers or get voice-operated machines that let you control the lights, music, and everything around in your home. 

Woman using smart home application on phone to control motorized blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Why leave your window blinds manually operated? No one wants to spend a lot of time and effort opening and closing their blinds and shades. They might be expensive but they are convenient.

Who wants to stop watching their favorite TV shows on their couch or bed just to close their window blinds, right? When you have motorized blinds and shades installed in your home, you can easily control them even if you are lying in bed or on your couch.

Safe for children and pets

Traditional blinds and shades are usually operated using cords. They are not particularly safe especially if you have children and pets at home. Cords lying around can be hazardous and cause suffocation.

Motorized blinds are controlled using apps or remote controls. There won’t be any cords lying around. This is much safer and has fewer things to worry about.

Increased resale value

Not all homes have motorized window treatments and coverings. If you are planning to move in the future to a new home and you are willing to invest, have motorized shades and blinds installed in your home. They will add value to your home when you are ready to move and sell it.


Your traditional window coverings are already energy-efficient. However, the added function of letting you control and schedule when your window blinds open or shut will provide optimum energy efficiency. These simple functions can help you save more and lower your monthly utility bills.

Protects against sun damage

Continuous exposure to sunlight can make your furniture, flooring, decor, and window treatments fade and lose their shine, especially leathers and fabrics. The leather becomes brittle while the fabric color fades.

Remote-controlled motorized blinds to protect interior from the sun. Wholesale Blind Factory

You can program and set a time when the sunlight directly shines the brightest and closes your window blinds. This way, you can protect your furniture, floorings, home decor, and window treatments without the hassle of reaching and closing them yourselves. Especially if you have high and hard-to-reach windows.

Improved security

Smart window blinds and shades can be programmed to open and close whenever you want them to. This will make it seem like there is a person or people inside your home when you are at work or on vacation. It can help you ward off burglars.

Fits any window

Motorized blinds can fit any type, size, or shape of windows. Contact your trusted blinds and shades suppliers and professionals to help you measure and look for the exact type of motorized window coverings you need.

Disadvantages of motorized blinds

Like every device, product, and supply we use, there are disadvantages to motorized window coverings. Here are some of them:


The upfront cost of motorized shades and blinds is expensive. When you purchase automated window coverings, they will include motors, source of power (batteries or connecting to your electric line), and other things so they can be connected to your remote controller or phone, which is why they are costly. Plus, DIY installation is expensive.

Motorized blinds and shades might need more upfront costs compared to your traditional ones but they can help you save on utility costs in the long run.

Complicated operation

If you are a handy person, you can watch videos and guides or read the manuals included to install them. However, if you are planning to connect them to your electricity line, we highly recommend calling a professional to have them installed to ensure your family and your safety.

Upset man with tools and equipment troubleshooting motorized blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

After the installation, controlling and operating your remote controls or apps will be easy for tech-savvy people. If you are not one, you might need to familiarize yourself first, or else you might program your automated blinds to open in the middle of the night.


Troubleshooting technical issues you encounter with your motorized shades and blinds might require an overhaul. This might cause a lot of time and money. But you won’t have to worry about these because of the advancement in technology. Because of modern technology, automated window coverings are more durable and reliable than they were before.

Watching troubleshooting videos online can greatly help you.

Motorized blinds control options

This will depend on what is installed in your home. Wholesale Blind Factory offers Somfy products which are installed by professionals to ensure motorized blinds are installed correctly and perfectly.

Two professional workers measuring window to install motorized blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory.

Somfy is the leading manufacturer of durable and quiet motors that can be installed in your blinds, shades, and shutters and controlled using their apps and your smartphone. This company has been encouraging homeowners to convert to motorized and automated window coverings to help you save on utility costs, improve your privacy, protect your children and pets, and make your life easier and more convenient.

You can easily control your home with one click. Somfy also offers sensors that control your blinds and shades depending on the current weather conditions.

Maintenance of motorized blinds

Automated blinds and shades are fairly easy to maintain and clean. It needs regular dusting. Do not use any harsh chemical liquids when cleaning your blinds because they can damage the fabrics and materials used in your blinds. 

You can use vinegar or lemon to remove dirt. However, this will vary depending on the type of materials and fabric used to make your blinds and shades. 

Take a bowl of water and vinegar. Use a 1:1 ratio. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe each slat carefully. Make sure you do not put too much force or the slats might break or bend. Do not soak or directly spray the solution into your blinds.

If you have wooden automatic blinds, use proper wood cleaning products and techniques. Do not use chemicals that can damage the wood. 

Do not forget to clean the window frame and glass as well.

Remember to close your windows during heavy rains or winds to avoid damaging your motorized blinds. And most importantly, take care of the stains as soon as possible. Do not let it sit or it will sit there forever.

Man cleaning motorized blinds with a micro fiber cloth. Wholesale Blind Factory

Cost of motorized blinds

The cost of motorized blinds will depend on the type of blinds you want, the size of your windows, how many windows you need to cover, style and appearance, installation, and their power source. 

Smart tech-operated blinds are more expensive than remote-controlled blinds because they will require installation processes and programming. There is also an option for you to choose battery-operated or hardwired blinds. The hardwired option will be more expensive because it needs to be connected to your electricity line. You also need to consider the style and design of your automated blinds so that they will complement your home decor. 

To know the specific amount you need for your automated window coverings, contact a window specialist. This way you can have an idea of how much you need to pay for the upfront costs and installation. They can also help you get the exact measurements of your windows and choose which style, type, materials, and colors work best with your decor.

When to call a professional about motorized blinds?

Call a professional when you are ready and made up your mind that you want motorized blinds and shades in your home or establishment. This will save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Schedule a consultation with a team of professionals to help you choose the best automated blinds, shades, and shutters for your home and establishment.

Our team at Wholesale Blind Factory are all experienced professionals and can answer all your questions and concerns regarding window coverings and treatments. We are using the best and highest quality materials for all our blinds, shades, and shutters. All products we carry are made with utmost care and workmanship to guarantee the quality, durable, and stylish window coverings for all our customers.

Give us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 today and schedule a FREE in-house consultation. We offer the best, high-quality, and modern automated blinds, shades, and shutters with a warranty! We will make sure your window blinds are properly installed and you can sit back, relax, and control your blinds without leaving your couch or bed.

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