Child and Pet Safety is an Important Consideration in Choosing Window Coverings

We are dedicated to make your home a safer place to live for both your children and your pets. Window coverings with cords are cited as one of the top five hidden hazards in the home. We offer multiple solutions that can be designed to suit your window treatment needs and also keep your home safe.

Safety Tips

  • Prevent access to cords by moving all climbable furniture including beds and cribs away from windows with blinds
  • Ensure you lock the cords on your blinds to avoid the stack from falling
  • Replace older corded window treatments with today’s cordless safer products
  • Do not tie cords together since it creates a new loop that could cause strangulation
  • Keep cords out of reach by cutting them shorter or using a cord cleat


Safety Features:

GREENGUARD™ Protection

Most of Wholesale Blind Factory products are GREENGUARD certified. This means they are certified to be used in schools and hospitals because they are non-toxic and do not harm air quality.

Continuous Cord Loop
Cords can be anchored to the blinds so that there is one continuous cord that stays taut as the blinds are adjusted to your desired angle and height. Continuous cords can be installed in verticals and roller shades.

Cordless Operating Systems

With our cordless system it is easy to pull your blinds up and down with ease. This system is available in our roller shades and cellular products.


Child-safe because of their cordless operation. Conveniently close or open all your blinds or shades at the same time with the touch of a button.

Cord Cleats

If you prefer traditional corded blinds, then cord cleats are a simple solution to child safety hazards. The cords can be wrapped around the cleats easily so that the cords and cleat are out of reach of children. Wholesale Blind Factory supplies safety cleats at no additional charge to all horizontal, roller and vertical orders.