Roller Shades

Uniquely Designed for Soft Views or Complete Privacy


Roller Shades add a polished look to any room. They are easy to care for with little maintenance. Roller Shades can regulate sunshine to keep your room cool and shaded while adding an extra layer for warmth in the cool weather.

Wholesale Blind Factory specializes in creating custom Roller Shades in a multitude of colours, designs and fabrics. There is something for every décor.

Roller Shades are available with an Automation option, meaning they can be motorized so that raising or lowering your shades is as easy as pushing a button.

Other names for similar products: Solar Shades

Key Features

  • Light Filtering Or Blackout
  • Greenguard® Protection
  • Automation Option
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Optional Features

  • Hardware Colour Override
  • Reverse Roll
  • Bracket Covers
  • Fabric Wrapped Hembar
  • Mag Holds
  • Stainless Steel Chain
  • Side Channels
  • Spring Assist
  • Duo Shade

Key Benefit

Clean Design With Excellent Light Control And UV Blockage


Minimum Width: 9”      Maximum Width: 138” depending on fabric and railroading

Minimum Height: 12”      Minimum Height: 230” depending on fabric and railroading

Mounting Depth

Up to 90” wide:     Minimum 1 ¾”

90” to 144” wide:     Minimum 2 ¾ “

144” and up:     Dependent on fabric length


12V Battery:     Maximum size 72” x 80”

24V Battery:    Maximum size 90” x 80”

110 V Hardware:     Maximum size 144” x 80”