Vienna Shades – Uniquely Designed for Soft Views or Complete Privacy

Vienna Shades offer similar styling and function to a cellular or roller shade but with a unique design feature. Horizontal fabric vanes alternate with soft sheer fabric to offer a veiled but luminous vista to the outside when open. As you close Vienna Shades you experience room darkening until fully closed with complete privacy. When the vanes are raised completely, Vienna Shades disappear into the colour-matched contoured head rail.

Other names for similar products: Silhouette

KEY BENEFIT: Elegant light filtering privacy without total darkness


  • Available in 2” & 3” cell size
  • Greenguard Certified
  • Fabrics are anti-static, dust and stain resistant
  • Colour coordinated headrails and bottomrails
  • Greenguard® Protection
  • Automation Option
  • Lifetime Guarantee


Minimum Width: 12” Maximum Width: 112”
Minimum Height: 12” Maximum Height: 126” Light filtering 120” room darkening
Mounting Depth
Minimum Casement: 3/4”
Fully Recessed: 3 5/8”

Production and Delivery

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Colours: Neutral tones