Shade swatches in the blind industry are small pieces of fabric used as samples for customers. This is a very useful fabric because it helps you get a feel of the fabric and see it in front of you before buying window shades.

Sheer & Semi-Sheer Window Shades

Sheer shades are distinguished by their vanes, or these horizontal layers attached to the fabric. Sheer shades are perfect for light filtering and giving you an outside view while giving you privacy. You can see through the fabric but the vanes obstruct the view, making it harder to see through the fabric. This is perfect if you want a light-filtering option that is more on the breezy side.

If you want to get a feel for the sheers, you can order a swatch first. A swatch is a piece of fabric that is the same kind used in the product you want to purchase. Swatches are samples of the fabric to check whether the fabric is for your tastes or if it goes well with the room’s décor.

Translucent Shades

Translucent shades use fabric that are woven tightly, giving it a translucent surface. The translucent effect is perfect if you want to filter light and maintain privacy. Translucent shades are translucent or partially see-through which means you can still see the silhouettes moving around on the other side. Light coming in means people from outside will not see your silhouettes, similar to how car tints work.

If you want to see the fabric in person without purchasing the product, you can purchase translucent window shades swatches. These are pieces of fabric used as a sample to let you see the material in person. You can use this to check if you like the feel of the material and check to see if it fits the room’s décor.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are window treatments made out of opaque materials which let no light through. Blackout blinds also give you complete visual privacy as it completely obstructs the view into the room. These are perfect for insulation because the fabric used in the product is thicker, keeping heat better. This also means that it is more durable than other fabrics.

If you are unsure if you want to buy blackout roller blinds, you can purchase a swatch first. This is a sample piece of the fabric that is used in blackout blinds so you can first check whether you like the fabric and if it fits well with the room’s interior decor and theme.

Real Wood Blinds

Real wood blinds use horizontal wooden slats kept together by a cord. This style of wood shades is also known as Venetian. These are perfect if you want to go for that classic, vintage, or authentic look.

If you want to see and feel the wood used in the product, you can purchase a swatch in the window blind colors you want. A swatch is a piece of the wood used in real wood blinds that act as a sample. You can feel the material in your own hands, to check for its sturdiness, quality, and whether it fits well with your room. We guarantee that our products are made with top quality material.

Faux Wood

Faux Wood is artificial wood made as an alternative for real wood. Although it isn’t real wood, our top quality materials make it look as authentic as possible. Opting for faux wood can be beneficial as well. Faux Wood Blinds are perfect for places with moisture and high humidity as these factors can reduce the quality of real wood. Faux Wood Blinds are also a good choice to consider because they do not undergo discolouration.

If you want to get a good feel of the wood used in our product, you can order a swatch. A swatch is a sample of the material, in this case, wood, that is used in the faux wood blinds. Buying one of these before buying one of our products can give you a rough idea of its qualities. You can check if you like the feel of the product and if it fits well with the style and the décor of the room.