California Shutters

Experience the Incomparable Elegance of California Shutters Here At Wholesale Blind Factory

California Shutters from Wholesale Blind Factory are made with premium-quality North American hardwood and experienced craftsmanship in manufacture and installation. These California Shutters will completely enhance your living room, adding richness, flair, and warmth.

California Window Shutters keep you warm in the winter and your house and belongings safe from harmful heat and sunlight in the summer. It might help you save money on your utility bills.

California Shutters from Wholesale Blind Factory are available in a number of louvre widths. This adaptability allows you to select the appropriate louvre size for your windows or doors. You may tailor our shutter blinds to suit illumination or privacy requirements. Panels can be full-length, double hung, or cafe-style, fitted as hinged bi-fold or bypass panels, and are completely operational. Customized frames fit perfectly in your window or door opening to ensure that your shutters fit perfectly.

Plantation Shutters are another term for California Shutters

California Shutters Key Features

California Shutters are known as “the ultimate window covering.” Because of their adaptability, they are suitable for both classic and contemporary settings. Our interior shutters are popular because of their high resale value, superior insulation, capacity to adjust and block light, and stunning appearance. California Window Shutters may be used in any space and seldom require a cloth valance or curtain to fancy them up. The following are the key features of California Shutters.

8 Standard Colours And 30 Stained Colours

Wholesale Blind Factory offers California Shutters in 8 standard colours and 30 other stained colours. California window shutters are available in Grey, the neutral option for California Shutters, so it’s no wonder that grey shutters are popular. No matter how dark you go, rich, dark grey shutter colour schemes may provide genuine colour variety to a bedroom.

Available To Colour Match To Any Benjamin Moore Paint Colour

Because of the numerous 8 standard colours and 30 stained colours, it’s straightforward to make your California Shutters match any Benjamin Paint. Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular paint brands because of their high-quality products. Wholesale Blind Factory ensures that each California Window Shutter can suit your blinds.

Moore Paint Colour

Our California shutters are the perfect medium for you to match the best Benjamin Moore paint schemes. Pair it perfectly with any colour interior and furniture, so every aspect of the room has character. Discovering the perfect shutter blinds for your Benjamin Moore paint job has never been easier with the solutions offered here at the Wholesale Blind Factory!

4 Frame Styles

We do our best to cater to everybody’s needs; thus, we make sure to offer our California Shutters in different frame styles so you can find the perfect fit for your window. The following are the frame styles:

  • Cafe Style Windows – only covers the bottom part of the window.
  • Full-Height Windows – encompasses the entire window.
  • Tier-on-Tier Windows – two separately operable shutters stacked on top of one other
  • Non-Quadrilateral Windows – Plantation Shutters may be installed on almost any other window frame form, such as round, sunburst, half-moon, eyebrow, arched, triangular, angled, hexagonal, and octagonal frames.

Greenguard® Protection

GreenGuard certifies low-emission goods. GreenGuard Certification verifies that a product emits minimal amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the indoor environment. It guarantees that household products follow tight emission laws to safeguard users’ health. A GreenGuard Certification certifies a company’s sustainability claims. All of the vertical blinds we sell at Wholesale Blind Factory are GreenGuard Certified to ensure that we emphasize environmental and consumer health.

Exterior Shutters Available

The construction of outside Plantation shutters allows for control of the amount of light entering a space and privacy, safety, and protection from the weather. California shutters that are functional have hinges on either side of a window or at the top, and they swing closed when the need arises. They can also be installed on tracks fastened to the front of the structure.

25 Year Warranty

We have a 25 year warranty that covers our California Shutters. WBF guarantees that all shutters will be free of defective materials and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the product, providing it was properly installed (25 years). Shutters control light by altering the size of light lines between louvers. When the shutters are closed, the room does not get gloomy. Louvers should not be closed or completely open for extended periods of time. This frame and panel guarantee is only valid if the frame and panels are cleaned on a regular basis.

What you need to know about California Shutters

Key Benefits of Using California Shutters

  • Plantation Shutters are beautiful. They go along with different themes, such as traditional or modern.
  • These offer a lot of privacy. Since these are made of opaque materials, they block the view into your room, giving you and your family privacy.
  • They work amazingly as ventilation. The horizontal slats make it easy for air to flow in and out of your room naturally.

Louvre Sizes

You can get your window shutters in several different sizes. You can get them in 1⅞”, 2½”, 3½”, 4½” sizes.

Window Style

California Shutters are available in different window styles, fitting different themes and feels for the room. They are available in single or double, french doors, wide patio doors, multiple, bi-fold, or double-hung.

Photos of California Shutters


FAQs for California Shutters

Do plantation shutters block out too much light?
Simply said, plantation shutters may block off as much or as little light as you choose. It is a window treatment that puts you in complete control. You may, of course, partially or entirely cover the louvres to reduce the amount of light seeping in, minimizing the amount of sun damage your furniture is exposed to and keeping the area cooler. You may open the louvres wide and let the warm light flood your home. You may open and close the louvres as much as you like until you discover the exact quantity of light to create the mood you’re looking for at any particular time.
How much will the delivery cost me for California Shutters?
It varies depending on the area you live in.

  • Wholesale Blind Factory offers high-quality window treatments at reasonable costs in Coquitlam. Our first aim is to ensure that every order leaves our clients delighted, guaranteeing their time spent with us is valuable. As a result, we strive to provide consistent quality to all our clients. Window treatments are an excellent way to remodel your room completely. We are confident that we can locate the appropriate fit for your blinds for your home or commercial property.
  • Wholesale Blind Factory has expanded its services to Vancouver, and we can meet all of your window covering requirements. Our staff is made up of knowledgeable window covering professionals eager to assist you in finding the ideal window coverings for your home or business. We provide a range of window covering solutions to meet your needs, whether to improve the look of your house, your privacy, or both. We recognize that choosing a design for your window covering is only half the battle. As a result, we provide all of our valued clients with a full-service commitment, assisting you in installing your new window coverings and ensuring a flawless fit. For all Vancouver clients, we provide a completely free in-home consultation.

We ship to the places mentioned above and more, so click here for more information about our delivery services.

Where are the California shutters made?
California Shutters from Wholesale Blind Factory are made from the finest North American hardwoods and installed by highly skilled craftsmen. You’ll be amazed at the transformation these California Shutters can make in your house, adding beauty, warmth, and richness. In the winter, California Shutters keep you warm, and in the summer, they shield your home and its contents from the sun’s harmful rays. It can lower your monthly utility bills.
What happens if my shutters are wrong, don’t fit or arrive damaged?
We do everything possible to guarantee that the window shutters you purchase to arrive in pristine condition and that your installation goes well. In the case of transit damage, we will collaborate with you to develop a replacement piece, which can be a complete shutter replacement for that line item or a parts replacement. For example, if a slat becomes broken, we will rebuild and mail an entire replacement slat together with installation instructions.

If there is a manufacturing defect, we are happy to provide a “no quibble” free replacement. Remember, we give extensive measurement guidelines and videos on our website, and we contact you to double-check the order details before we begin. Unfortunately, there is always the risk that you (the client) may misread the measuring tape, and you must accept responsibility in this case. Fortunately, this is uncommon, and as usual, we are pleased to collaborate with you to discover a suitable solution or aid with a remake order.

Where should you not use plantation shutters?
Wood is the most traditional material used in building plantation shutters; nevertheless, there are certain situations in which wood is not the greatest option for your shutter. We do not advocate installing wood shutters (or imitation wood shutters) in areas of the home that see high levels of moisture and humidity, such as the bathroom, the attic, or the garage. Anywhere you want to install your California Shutters, we assure you that they will do their job perfectly for a long time.
How to choose the best colour of plantation shutter for your home?
Plantation shutters are highly adaptable window covering that may be custom-painted to match the particular decor of your house. Installing coloured California Shutters is an excellent method to modernize and brighten up a space without undergoing extensive repairs. Most window treatment solutions require you to pick from a limited palette of basic colours. California shutters, on the other hand, have practically limitless colour selections. They are one of the few window coverings that may be custom painted. So, which plantation shutter colours should you consider?
Do plantation shutters offer 100% black out?
Yes! You can use your California Shutters to create a 100% black-out environment.

  • Most people are unaware that blackout materials often comprises of thicker, higher-quality fabrics that help insulate the space. It will keep the space warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Outside noise can be annoying, especially when sleeping. It is more prevalent in cities, especially if you live near a road or train or have noisy neighbours. California Shutters can be a great sound insulator depending on where you place them.
  • Many studies and experiments have been conducted to demonstrate the impact of light on sleep. Melatonin levels should be rising to enhance tiredness. The difficulty is that melatonin synthesis slows or ceases altogether, making you feel alert even at night.
  • Everyone wants to feel comfortable and protected in their own house, especially in their bathroom and bedroom. You are most exposed to these places and conduct your own business. Making a blackout environment makes it safer for you and your family because it limits the view of your room.
Do plantation shutters add value to a home?
Plantation shutters not only enhance your house’s appearance but may also boost the sale price.

  • If you want to sell your property, California Shutters may quickly raise the price because most purchasers like plantation shutters.
  • Plantation shutters may improve the appearance of your property. Investing in plantation shutters is a wise decision since they will enhance your property’s visual look and aesthetic appeal. When extra privacy is required, you may open or close them and tilt them up or down.
  • California shutters are also energy efficient since they are made to fit specific window dimensions, which can assist in keeping the temperature in your house consistent throughout the year. Furthermore, they will block chilly drafts and ventilate no matter the season.
Do plantation shutters fade in the sun?
Sunlight may cause your furniture to deteriorate. Direct sunlight will cause the leather to dry up and crack if you have leather furniture. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the colour of your other furniture and interior materials to fade.

However, if you install California shutters, you may limit the quantity of sunshine that enters your home. You may adjust the slats so that sunlight does not directly reach your furniture, décor, or interior materials without interfering with your home’s ventilation.

If you want to improve the seclusion of your house while also beautifying the décor, California shutters are extremely convenient. If you are seeking for custom-made California Shutters for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 604-942-4201 for a FREE consultation.